Cross-Brace & Weight Bag | For Small/Medium flags only


Cross-Brace & Weight Bag | For Small/Medium flags only


Cross Brace & Weight Bag

Great for providing stability on harder surfaces where the ground spike will not penetrate. The weight bag sits over the metal cross brace providing the weighted stability needed to keep the flag upright. Suitable for our small and medium size flags only.


Additional base options for the Fin, Blade, Feather, Crest and Teardrop flags

Depending on where your flag will be located, different bases may be required. Please be aware that some bases are not suitable for our large and extra large models.

Please note, our flag bases are not intended to support the additional weight of double-sided flags. For this reason, flag bases are not covered by our warranty when used with double-sided flags.

Please note, these accessories are not suitable for use with the Flamingo Flag. Bases filled with water during the winter months should have salt added to prevent freezing.


Depending on stock availability, colours and appearance of bases and accessories may occasionally differ to those pictured.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept orders for bases without an order for flags. If the bases are for a previous flag order, please contact us directly quoting the order reference number for the flag order.

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